Without Mercy – Synopsis

New Czech movie “Nelitostne” by director and screenwriters Radek Hromuško and Tomáš Hanák is a movie about dark, hidden sides of our souls. “Nelítostně” is a movie about the fear inside us, agony of losses and hidden brutality that is quietly passing by but is accompanying every single step of ours. 

An ordinary Saturday night ends up with images of a dreadful violence. At the end of the night there is brutally murdered 17-year old girl lying in the snow. It is not complicated to find murderers who confess to the homicide immediately after being arrested. Although it looks like a common case of a crime passionel, after few days a TV reporter Richard arrives to cover the story. Even he himself doesn’t really know why it cought his eye. It should be yet another ordinary homicide and he reported on so many! He senses, though, that this time it is ”a different” case. He is wondering about the symbology of the death of a teenage girl who was stabbed and beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend and his friends right in front of her parent’s windows.

A routine of working on a coverage is slowly turning into a dramatic and dark story full of pain and brutality. Richard with his staff untwists thin fibres of relationships within the families of both the victim and her murderers, and their friends. Single parts of the mosaic slowly fit into the frame and create a curious and obscure picture that no one wants to believe to. Reporter’s fatal Capote-like doggedness is carrying him away.

We fear the most of the pictures inside us and for that Richard becomes part of an strange deformed reality of an odd gang of the young. First time in his life he becomes scared but still he can’t stop himself. He passed the last reentry point and so there is no way back and the truth will get him itself (herself?)…

Murderers are in prison, the cover story is finished, life is returning back to normal and somewhere in the streets…

Does anyone really want to know the truth, when even sensing the truth evokes the fear/is alarming/is frightening?


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